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Dear Competitors and all supporters of Triathlon Przechlewo!

At this time of Year we would like to take the opportunity to wish you and families a happy and successful Christmas and New Year. Let the upcoming months allow you time to relax among friends, relatives so you will be ready to take on the triathlon (and any other) challenges you have in 2017!

Christmas time is a time of year for you to look back at least year and look ahead to your plans for the next year. Thank you very much for being with us and for all your sporting achievement,  In your periods of happiness and strife.  Also for all your commitment and Energy.  In 2017 I a sure you will all achieve your dreams.  Up until the 31/12/2016 we will be counting your votes on Facebook and we will be donating 5 zlotys from each of your Starter Pack to a local childrens chartity in the Czluchow region.

We keep our fingers crossed for all your racing in the upcoming season.  We hope you overcome any weaknesses improve your form and exceed your records and you run happily up to the end of the Triathlon.  We hope the new year will bring you a lot of positive experience benefits, in August we will meet up on the anniversary edition Przechlewo Prime Food Triathlon.


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