Route Descriptions

25-26 August 2018


Start and finish of the swimming stage are located on the beach on Park at Lake Przechlewskie in Przechlewo. Entrance to the water is soft and sandy. Competitors will have one loop. After the start competitors will be guided along the designated route – marked by highly visible buoys. Each buoy must be passed on the right hand side. Buoys differing in color to the other marker buoys will mark the start and finish. In the middle of the route has been designated a special zone for rescuers WOPR and judges.  Upon exiting the water athletes will be assisted by volunteers who will assist them to exit the water efficiently. The distance from the water to the zone change is approx. 200 meters. Competitors will run to the transition zone along a designated route of the grass surface and the concrete spread with carpets and rubber mats. All distances were measured using a GPS system.

Distance 56.5 km
1 x 950 meter loop
timeout of completion  swim 45 minutes

Distance 28.25 km
1 x 475 meter loop
timeout of completion  swim 30 minutes

expected water temperature 20-22ºC.


Start and finish the stage cycling are located on Lake Przechlewskie in Przechlewo. The entire route will take place on an asphalted surface. From the start competitors will head to Street Jeziorna next they will turn right towards Rzeczenicy. The rest of the track is situated between Przechlewo and Rzeczenica. Competitors will complete the appropriate number of loops. In the middle of the loop (town of Dolinka) players will have to tackle a decent and ascent (first clockwise, then anti-clockwise) exit in the direction of the Brda River. After the bridge across the river to there is steep and long ascent in the direction of Pakotulsko. The road to Rzeczenicy is flat with gentle descents and climbs. One ascent before Rzeczenica on the road, a second ascent in the roadway before descending down to the transition zone.

After the completion of the right amount of loops (28.25km – 1 loop, 56.5km -2 loops) competitors will be guided back to the transition zone where they will cross the finish line. Where  rubber mats and carpets will be spread on the ground.

Distance 56.5 km
2 x 22.5 km loop
timeout completion swim + bike: 3 hours

Distance 28.25 km
1 x 22.5 km loop
timeout completion swim + bike: 2 hours