Przechlewo once again supporting the cycle of TRI TOUR

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The jubilee edition of the Prime Food Triathlon Przechlewo once again joins with the triathlon event Bydgoszcz Poland Borowno cycle Tri Tour in 2017, this creating competition with the other largest triathlon series of events in Poland.

The estimated number of riders will be 15 000. Przechlewo Prime Food Triathlon 2017 will be an opportunity to gain double points in the cycle discipline, start the cycle in the club championship,  plus win a package for the 2018 Challenge Roth Triathlon Przechlewo Prime Food 2018.

A big triathlon festival will be held on Konskie Lake for the fifth time in history. Competition for individual competitors will take place over three distances: 112.99 km (named. “Half”) and 28.25 km ( “sprint”) – August 26, 2017 (Saturday) and 56.5 km (named. “Quadrant”) – August 27, 2017 (Sunday). On the second day there will also be a relay race over a distance of 56.5 kilometers. This competition with prizes and awards are distinguished by their excellent organization, family atmosphere outside sports and numerous attractions, which every year attract hundreds of competitors and supporters in Przechlewo.

Przechlewo crowning cycle TRI TOUR

Something that characterizes competition in Przechlewo, is the fact that apart from the passion and commitment of the athletes and their families, is that they are met with the warmth and hospitality by local residents.  With committed and dedicated volunteers, a unique atmosphere and beautiful scenery of the Kashubian region. So much the better for the competitors, who in this year’s event will receive double points in the Tri Tour rankings, and this is  a chance to tilt the scales of victory in the cycle.

– Triathlon Przechlewo is one of the best rated triathlon competitions in Poland – says Wojciech Kruczyński, President of Sports and organizer End cycle Tri Tour. – We are pleased that the event will strengthen the cycle of Tri Tour. Due to this fact, we are preparing interesting promotions, which will take place at our events in Sieraków, Charzykowy and Poznan, and will be associated with the start in Przechlewo. We are preparing a series of club championships Tri Tour was at the event – he added.

With a view to next season

Discounts will be combined with the launch of subscriptions for the future – 2018 season (yet another novelty, which will involve joining Przechlewo cycle Tri Tour). All this thanks to the excellent team TRIpack promoting the August event on other events Tri Cycle Tour. Loud cheering and discounts for triathlon enthusiasts should appeal to people of both competitors and fans.

– This year’s competition we would like to once again finish in spectacular style our triathlon season and encourage all of our Triheroes to plan for the next – says Paweł Nowak, CEO of Prime Food and co-organizer of the event. – The Last weekend of August will be full of great experiences and not just because of the sports competition at the highest level, but also plenty of attractions for the family and peer TRIpack views on the occasion of the jubilee event. For youngsterz and adult Triheroes in Przechlewo find something for everyone – adds Paweł Nowak.

Start and finish the competition will be located in the Sports and Recreation Center in Przechlewo. Arena stage will be a swimming lake Konski and cycle route will include both Speed and scenic routes through Przechlewo and the surrounding municipalities. For all those who decide to visit Przechlewo, in addition to sports competition, the organizer has prepared numerous attractions and Sport Events. This year, 5 zł from each purchase  will go to a team childcare centers in  Czluchowski region.

Terms of the Club Championships of the TRI TOUR Cycle can be found here: