During the Prime Food Triathlon 2017 there will be something for everyone, not only for Competitors, but also for their relatives, friends and other supporters. We invite you all tri to take advantage of the many attractions prepared by the organizers and partners, that is:


Ania Karwan concert (Saturday, the 26-th August 2017, 8 p.m.;
• Competition for Nominated winners of given distances (to win a bike);
Cheering competition;
• Competition for our volunteers;
• Saturday’s blood donation and registration for a database of potential bone marrow donors organized by the Człuchowski Association of Blood Donors and the DKMS Foundation;
Sweets and other Gifts from the Team of Care and Education Centers in the Człuchowski District;
Mini Triathlon for the younger fans from JFA Intervention (fitness, artistic and educational);
• Triathlon EXPO zone;
• Information for race competitors “Are you competing and need more information?” – information and help available at the competition office.


… and much, much more! 🙂